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Do Your Kidneys Hurt?

Kidneys HurtA severe pain or hurt in your abdomen or lower back can be from an internal organ that is injured or under stress.

If you are currently having abdominal or lower back pains, it might be hard to tell exactly where your hurt or pain is coming from.

It could be one of your kidneys that is causing the severe hurt you are experiencing.

The pain may feel light and uncomfortable, but later it may come on strong and get progressively worse.

Having kidneys that are painful and hurt can be very serious.  Keep in mind that when your kidneys hurt, the pain will start with a warning sign that should not be taken lightly.

Do You Have Any Of These Kidney Symptoms?

Pain in your lower back?

Pain, hurt, or burning sensation when you urinate?

Feeling hurt in the abdominal area?

Blood in your urine?


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